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Social Media Services

Creating RESULTS for SMALL to medium-sized BUSINESSES

My services
I help business owners with their social media and content strategy, so they can focus on what they do best: serving customers, old and new.

I believe social media and content help to tell your business’s story in a relatable way to attract new audiences, and drive online traffic to your business.  

Before building your social media strategy, I’ll complete a brand audit to better understand your current online presence, your audience, and will work with you to develop specific goals.

Every audit includes: 

1) an analysis of your current brand presence, 2) an audience analysis 3) and a competitor analysis. 

Based on the social media audit, I’ll create your cohesive, consistent social media strategy. This will include (but not be limited to): content creation, community engagement, influencer outreach, paid social media, and more. 

Feeling exhausted thinking about managing your social media channels? 

Let me help you with your social media management, including content creation, community engagement, and more. 

Beyond social media, there are other ways to spread the word about your business. I’ll work to create a content marketing strategy that includes content ideas for your website (and blog), with email newsletters, influencer strategy, and more. 

Let me create a custom coaching program to fit your needs, and answer your questions around social media strategy, content strategy and online community building.

Let me help you with team training so your employees can better understand and leverage their social media channels to act as brand ambassadors for you. 

Consulting Work:

Relevant Experience:
A healthcare e-commerce site
A healthcare marketplace

Ready to Tackle Your Social Media Strategy?