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Build and Grow Your Online Community

It started with a Twitter Chat...

Hi! I’m Nicolette, a social media and community building expert, and founder of the #CultureTrav travel community. 

Over the last ten years, I’ve expanded my traveler community while simultaneously testing marketing strategies, and dealing with shifting social media algorithms. I’ve learned what works–and what doesn’t–on social media, and helped companies across various industries build brand awareness. My own community was the inspiration for a product that I launched on Kickstarter: Travel Banter, a conversation starter card game.  

Now, I’m excited to help you as you explore ways to build your own online community!

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Social Media Strategy

Calm the chaos of social media management, and let’s talk about how we can work together on your social media strategy. 

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Get one-on-one coaching, or team training on Social Media Strategy, Online Community Building, and Content Marketing.  


Community Building

Learn the ABCs of community management to build your own community. Access (free) resources, workshops and coaching to help you get started. 


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Download my workbook to start brainstorming and planning for your social media community launch. 

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Social Media Strategy

Get the latest industry news, tips on social media strategy, and fresh blog posts in my weekly newsletter!

Social Media Strategy

Read the latest on the blog!
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Community Building

Learn how to start a social media community (workshops, courses, e-books) + get insights from community builders.

Community Building

Learn how to start an online community!
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Tips for Founders

Need social media inspiration for your business? Learn how my community inspired a product, and hear from other founders

Inspiration and Tips

Get ideas for how to launch your idea, and hear from other founders
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