About Nicolette


I’m Nicolette, a social media and community building expert, and founder of the well-loved, weekly #CultureTrav Twitter chat on travel. 

Over the last three years, I’ve grown my traveler community while simultaneously testing marketing strategies and dealing with shifting social media algorithms.

I’ve learned what works–and what doesn’t–on social media, and helped companies across various industries build brand awareness.

Now, I’m excited to help you as you explore ways to build your own online community! 

Why Build an Online Community?

I created this blog to inspire others to start building an online community. 

Since you’re here on the site, I’m thinking you have a strong interest in launching your own brand or creating a community, but you may feel stuck or not sure how to start. Or maybe you feel like your posts on social media disappear into the abyss and aren’t making an impact. Or, you feel overwhelmed and have questions about how to build an audience and how to keep people engaged. 

The good news is, you’re not alone. I hear you, and I’ve been there before. 

My goal is to inspire you, give you actionable tips, and share proven strategies so that you can create a community of loyal supporters!  

Why do communities matter?

Your community can spread the word about your business or brand in a bigger, more impactful way than you could do alone! You need people who will genuinely rally behind you and who will share their stories. And, you’ll learn how you can help your community members, and add value for them. 

Whether you’re looking to launch a community to support your (small) business or blog, or want to expand your own personal social media footprint, let’s connect to see how I can help you get unstuck! 

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A Little More About Me

Social Media and Community Building Expert. Speaker. Traveler. Event Organizer.

I’m the founder of #CultureTrav, a weekly travel Twitter chat on Thursdays, and CultureTrav.co, a community website dedicated to digging deeper at cultural immersion during travel. As a direct byproduct of the Twitter chat, I recently launched a successfully-funded Kickstarter for a conversation starter card game called Travel Banter.

As a social media and content marketing professional, I’ve extensively worked on social media strategy across industries including in healthcare, insurance, travel, and lifestyle magazine content.
I’ve worked with marquee travel brand partners to create custom social media marketing initiatives to drive brand awareness for brands like Royal Robbins, Radisson Blu, and New York City restaurants. 

I’ve spoken about social media and community building strategy at renowned industry conferences, including at the Social Tools Summit and New York Travel Fest. 

To bring members of my own community together and invite new members, I host community meetups for travelers in New York City.  

I come from a multicultural background. I was born and raised in The Netherlands to a Polish mother and a Dutch father. My curiosity for travel was sparked at an early age when we started traveling around Europe with my family, and it’s a passion that continues to this day.