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Hi, I'm Nicolette!

Since you’re here, something tells me you have a strong interest in social media strategy or creating an online community, but potentially feel overwhelmed.

Maybe you feel like your posts on social media disappear into some strange abyss and aren’t making an impact. Or, you have questions about how to keep people engaged on social media.

The good news is, you’re not alone. I hear you, and I’ve been there. My goal is to give you actionable tips, share proven strategies, and inspire you.

About Nicolette

Dutch/Polish. Social Media Consultant. Community Creator. Travel Founder.

Nicolette is a social media strategist, community builder, and founder of CultureTrav, a social media community, blog, and the company behind Travel Banter, a conversation starter card game. Nicolette grew up in a multicultural, bilingual home in The Netherlands to a Polish mother and a Dutch father. While she’s been working remotely for much of 2020, New York is home. Nicolette loves to connect people, and enjoys every opportunity to travel, near and far. 

How it started...

Six years ago as I was browsing my Twitter feed, I noticed something interesting. 

People were having ongoing, engaging conversations. I know what you’re thinking, “Conversations on Twitter? How is that possible with limited characters, and do people do that?”

These conversations were guided by hashtags, and the stories they shared were part of Twitter Chats–live Q&A sessions around a specific hashtag at a set time and date. I started joining the chats, and became inspired by the people I virtually met. 

Shortly after, my own journey with launching a Twitter chat began. I was off to create a community focused on culture + travel.  

From Twitter Chat to Global Community

November 13, 2014

After weeks of prep time, my first ever #CultureTrav Twitter chat went live! Before the launch day, I sent out invites for people to join the conversation. With my hashtag ready, I prepared conversation starter questions and topics.

2014-2017: From Twitter Chat to Community

I've hosted #CultureTrav chat every Thursday since 2014, though it's evolved over time. I've had various amazing co-hosts, and created new ways to connect for community members: a Facebook group, encouraging use of the #CultureTrav hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, and in-person meetups. The chat further expanded into a blog, where I feature interviews and stories by expats.

2018: Travel Banter launches

Conversations with my #CultureTrav community inspired the launch of Travel Banter, a travel-themed conversation starter card game, on Kickstarter.

2018-Present: Evolving Community

The #CultureTrav chat, blog, and Travel Banter, continue to bring people together all over the world. In 2020, I started hosting Zoom hangouts, and look forward to resuming in-person meetups when it's safe to do so again!