Hi, I'm Nicolette.

I help people create and engage social media communities.

About Nicolette

I’m Nicolette, a social media and community building expert, and founder of the well-loved, weekly #CultureTrav Twitter chat on travel.

Over the last three years, I’ve grown my traveler community while simultaneously testing marketing strategies and dealing with shifting social media algorithms.

I’ve learned what works–and what doesn’t–on social media, and helped companies across various industries build brand awareness. My own community was also the inspiration for a product that I launched on Kickstarter: Travel Banter, a conversation starter card game.  

Now, I’m excited to help you as you explore ways to build your own online community!

Finding Your Niche–And Sticking To It

With so many online communities out there, it can be tough to stand out. Let’s take travel, for example. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of travel blogs, online communities, and groups that focus on

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Why Build Your Online Community

Many years ago, I decided to log into Twitter again. My intentions were mostly to explore what the platform was all about. I credit my college internship mentor with urging me to sign up for

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Welcome to the Community

Have you ever wondered how certain people successfully market their brand and have thousands of social media followers in their community? What differentiates these people from others? Do you feel stuck when it comes to

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